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Sustainable Geotechnical, Architectural & Construction Solutions

Our Products

Solving geotechnical, architectural and construction problems is easy with the right products and quality service. RedwoodStream delivers the highest quality cost-efficient geotechnical, architectural and construction engineering products and services. We have more than 20 years of experience, making us your best choice in geotechnical, architectural and construction engineering solutions.

Who Uses Our Products

Performance and sustainability are the two main reasons why our clients choose our products. You get long term performance, sustainability and aesthetics when you use Redwoodstream’s products and services.

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About Us

With more than 20 years of experience in product recommendation and installation, RedwoodStream is a respected partner when it comes to geotechnical, architectural and contruction engineering solutions. Our products are widely used in government, residential, school and commercial projects.

Use of Recycled Materials

The majority of our products are made from recycled materials, either from a mixture of recycled and raw materials or are fully 100% recycled materials.

All our products, which use recycled materials, have passed the most stringent of tests. These offer a number of advantages over products made from virgin raw materials. Some of these include:

  • Environmentally friendliness
  • Contributes BCA green mark points
  • Helps lower carbon footprint
  • Beautifies and lowers toxins in our environment
  • Equal or better than virgin raw materials in performance

Using recycled materials does not mean that product performance is sub-par. Properly processed recycled materials along with correct installation, surpass even the performance of their non-recycled counterparts.

We support the use of recycled materials and we firmly believe that the advantages offered far outweighs non-recycled products.

Solutions According To Your Needs

We strongly believe our products deliver on sustainability, performance and quality. More importantly, we provide unparalleled service delivery. RedwoodStream listens to your needs, takes note of your every requirement and meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

RedwoodStream specializes in the supply and installation of geotechnical, architectural, landscaping and construction products.

When other products fail to live up to expectations, this usually translates to spending more time and money to remedy the problem. We believe that the usage and application of our products will not only reduce maintenance costs but also enhance the environment and provide a better place to live and work.

Our specialty lies not only in the intrinsic customization of the performance and aesthetic specifications, but the quality and source of our premium products as well.

Our sustainable solutions and product supplies include but are not limited to geosynthetics, erosion control, drainage/overflow channels, gratings, root barriers, safety mats, terracing systems, tree gratings/support systems, pavers, recycled Australian timber, and composite timber.

Our products and construction methodologies are imported from Australia and the United States, and adhere to various international standards.

Our dedication to quality and commitment to excellent service mean that we listen, evaluate and provide solutions that promise you—our clients and partners—total satisfaction.



Our Partners

We work with world leading brands in geotechnical, architectural and construction products to meet the high performance specifications and requirements of our clients.