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  • cobra
  • Straight connector in use (1)
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  • main pi - cobra 3
  • cobra blank
  • cobra
  • Straight connector in use (1)
  • Cobra cross section (1)
  • Straight connector (2)

Cobra Lawn Edging & Bed Divider

The industry's choice for premium grade, heavy duty and high quality lawn edging

Cobra Hi-Test Lawn Edging is recommended for landscaping solutions that are both flexible and yet extremely durable.

Installation of Cobra is straightforward due to its unique design and easy alteration of length.
Unlike most edgings which require stakes to hold them in place, Cobra is self supporting. The ribbed design found throughout the whole length of Cobra edging has a dual purpose, ensuring the edging stays stable and upright while adding strength. The bottom is designed as a ‘T’ shape to ensure the edging will remain firmly anchored to the ground. It cannot be lifted out of the ground once installed.

It is fully weather- and pest-resistant. It maintains its flexibility nor will it crack even after long-term exposure to outdoor elements. Depending on the installation height, the top exposed part of Cobra smoothly blends with the surface due to its round design. However, it also provides a definable separation even though it blends smoothly with the surface. It can be fully extended without limits of length. Likewise, perfect corners can be achieved via the 90 Corner connector.

Product Description

• Green and black color
• No stakes needed. The exclusive ‘T’ shape below the piece prevents edging from lifting out of the ground
• Exclusive ribbed-sided feature forms dirt pockets that helps increase its strength
• Very durable
• Specially formulated resins to prevent cracking
• Space-age design allows greater flexibility to install into any shape
• Right angle connector available
• Made from specially formulated plastic UVI resins
• Designed to maximize flexibility and prevent cracking
• Corrugated side pockets for durable support.
• Designed with special ‘T’ shaped stakes below the piece for easy installation and helps prevent vandalism
• Approx. 150mm height x 6metre length c/w one connector
• Acts as a divider between 2 greens
• Edging helps prevent erosion of the soil
• Keep planted soil in place
• Good for residential/commercial/golf courses/parks

Cobra Accessories

Cobra Straight Connector

Straight hollow rod made of recycled materials. It possesses the same qualities as the Cobra lawn edging. It is used to connect two lengths of Cobra edging together, allowing it to be extended to any desired length.

Cobra Angle Connector

Made of recycled materials. It is a connector used to join two lengths of Cobra lawn edging together at a 90 degree angle.