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The world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance and sustainable landscape edging and restraint solutions.

Permaloc is recognize world wide as the best brand for high quality, effective, low-maintenance & sustainable landscape edging and restraint systems. Permaloc is made of high-performance, strong and durable aluminum alloy that is easy to install, curve, angle and cut. It is made of exact, uniform thickness and is designed to interlock to ensure permanent edge for landscape beds or pavers.

Product Description

Permaloc comes in a wide variety of landscaping products specifically designed for all types of applications:


+ Landscape Edging
Landscape edging defines the landscape bed and assures crisp, clean lines will be maintained all throughout. It primarily separates turf from planting soil, mulch, stone, glass cullett, or any other bedding material.

Permaloc products for Landscape Bed applications:


+ Maintenace Strips
Maintenance strips are specifically designed for areas bordering buildings and fences. These series of straight runs and gentle curves are usually filled with stone to ease the burden of lawn maintenance.

Permaloc products for Maintenace Strips applications:


+ Aggregate Walkways
Aggregate Walkways are typically a winding path filled with decomposed granite, pea gravel, or some other aggregate. They may or may not have a compacted sub-base.

Use the following Permaloc products for Aggregate Walkways:


+ Brick Paver
Brick Pavers are very popular for walkways, driveways and patios. In order to keep the pavers in place for the life of the project, a paver restaint is required to edge the pavers.

Use the following Permaloc products for Brick Paver applications:


+ Permeable Pavement
Permeable pavement is designed to allow rainwater to drain downward between interlocking concrete pavers, minimizing excessive stormwater runoff. Runoff mitigation and freshwater management are a significant environmental focus.

Permaloc’s integrated permeable pavement system utilizes special plates to effectively capture a geogrid underlayment used to completely integrate GeoEdge into the paver installation.

Use the following Permaloc products for Permeable Pavement applications:


+ Asphalt Applications
For decades, rough edges made asphalt a surface of last resort on projects. Broken edges and unsightly chemical maintenance of adjacent grass detracted from aesthetics.

Permaloc AsphaltEdge allows a clean maintainable look that has brought asphalt back in line with long-term design goals for exterior surfacing.

Use the following Permaloc products for Asphalt applications:


+ Sport Surfaces
Rough, unprotected edges on rubberized sports surfaces can lead to unsightliness and premature breakdown of the surface.

Permaloc AthletEdge allows a clean maintainable edge for your sports surface. Weep holes also allow for water to exit the ruberized surface.

Use the following Permaloc products for Sport Surface applications:


+ Green Roof
A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Green roofs offer sustainable, environmentally friendly benefits and can help buildings achieve LEED status.

Use the following Permaloc products for Green Roof applications: