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PermaStrip Aluminum Maintenance Strip

L-Shaped Aluminum Maintenance Strip

PermaStrip™ is a series of semi-rigid, L-shaped aluminum maintenance strips specifically designed to make straight runs and gentle curves bordering buildings, fences, and maintenance areas. PermaStrip is easy to install in perfectly straight applications or gentle curves, and is designed to maintain its integrity over the lifetime of the project.

Product Description

  • PermaStrip’s unique “L” shape is engineered to allow the aggregate material to be installed over the top of the horizontal base, resulting in an integrated installation.
  • PermaStrip solves the problems regular landscape edgings have forming straight lines by utilizing a rigid L-shaped profile, saving time and eliminating wavy, unsightly lines.
  • PermaStrip uses a unique, sliding connection system that provides quick alignment of sections during installation and eliminates any possibility of separation.
  • Material: 6063 Aluminium Alloy
  • Thickness: 1∕8” or 3∕16”
  • Height: 3½”
  • Each Piece Includes: 8’ includes 3 stakes; 16’ includes 5 stakes.
  • Packaging: 15-8’ pieces per bundle (120’); 15-16’ pieces per bundle (240’)
  • ‘L’ shaped Aluminium semi-rigid maintenance strip.
  • Specifically designed to make straight runs and gentle curves bordering buildings, fences and maintenance areas.
  1. Dig landscape trench 1″ (25mm) deeper than the edging being set.
  2. For straight runs, the installer may want to run a string to serve as a guide.
  3. Set the edging into the landscape trench with the top 1/2″ (12.5cm) above what will become the compact finish grade.
  4. The installer may want to install the entire straight run using stakes that are half driven in to “tack” the PermaStrip in place. This will allow the installer when standing back and viewing the installation to make minor adjustments to achieve a perfectly straight run.
  5. Start at the beginning of the bed area and drive the stakes into their locked position. (Diagram A)
  6. Connections are made using the 4″ Sliding Connector (Diagram B). Note: When using a Weed Fabric under stone, be sure to lap the fabric up the face of the PermaStrip. The weight of the stone will pull the fabric partially down the PermaStrip leaving you sufficient coverage.
  7. At the end of the bed area, cut the section to the desired length and stake down. Begin your next bed area with the remaining portion of the cut section.
  8. Forming Angles: “V-notch” and/or cut the bottom of the edging halfway up using a hacksaw. Bend up to the desired angle using a hammer to stiffen the angle. This forms a 1/2″ radius on top and avoids sharp corners.