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Recycled Timber (Australia)

High quality premium Recycled Timbers.

Timber is one of the most renewable and earth-friendly materials available. Recycled Timber is taken from old buildings and structures and then reprocessed. This type of timber is usually aged and matured. Because of this, they are unique compared to the more widely used general timbers. They also provide a refined high-end appeal.

Likewise, Recycled Timber is of a size, species and quality that isn't available anymore or hard-to-find in new or Virgin Timber. Having come from what is termed “old growth forests”, it has a higher value and long lived application.


Product Description

Recycled Timber is usually salvaged from demolished buildings or structures and turned into wood packaging or furniture. Many wood products are made from Recycled Timber. What’s more, particleboard and medium density fibreboard are made from the residue of logs when they are turned into sawn timber.

Our Australian Recycled Timber is best used when the natural patterns and the grain of the wood are appreciated and not covered up or painted. For quality and uniqueness, this is the best fit.


  • 100% fully Recycled Timber
  • Premium quality hardwood
  • Desirable uniqueness and exotic hardwood looks
  • Painting or staining not required (unless desired)
  • Contributes to BCA Green Mark certification
  • Perfect for high performance green buildings
  • Treatment of wood not necessary
  • Durability and hardness from ageing
  • Eco-friendly

We supply our Australian Recycled Timber according to customer requirements and specification. Kindly contact us for more information.