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Timber Products
We offer a wide range of timber products that will fulfill all your geotechnical, landscaping and construction engineering needs.

Whether Virgin (Non-Recycled) Timber from Southeast Asia (Malaysia & Indonesia), Recycled Timber from Australia, or even Composite Timber from the United States, we have the timber products that will fulfill all your requirements.

Common applications that we’ve made for our clients from our timber products range from Beams, Trellis, Timber Deckings, Walkway Deckings, Planter Boxes, to Skirtings.

Natural Timber

We supply Virgin (Non-recycled) Timber and Recycled Timber from Southeast Asia and Australia for your timber product needs.

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Composite Timber

A great alternative to natural wood, Composite Timber is made from an advance blend of natural wood and composites to create an extremely durable and low maintenance product.

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High quality recycled or virgin timber is available for your commercial and non-commercial projects, fabricated according to your specifications.

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Can't find what you need?

All timber products are sold in accordance with customer requirements. Let us know what you need and we will be glad to assist you.